Katie Purcell, Laura Mamassian and Cathy Engel

No Child Left Behind

We will be focusing our small group inquiry project on No Child Left Behind and its future.
We want to research and become familiar with some specifics of this act:
-What a new presidency will do to this act. We will research stances by presidential nominees John McCain and Barrack Obama as well as their vice presidents and political parties in comparison to what is already implemented.
-The pros and cons of the No Child Left Behind Act.
-What all of this means for students, school districts, and us as future teachers.

Results from the interviews we held with two teachers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSTzLILQx3c -- clips of interviews with teachers, principals and research professionals about the truths and consequences of NCLB

Here's our stuff for the presentation!