Hi Everyone! Last weekend I went to the technology conference and learned about a lot of cool websites and programs that would be useful in the classroom.
-The featured speaker was Marilyn Western (2008 MACUL Technology Teacher of the year) who is a teacher in Mount Pleasant. She gave us her Top Ten Web Sites for K-12. This link has all of them listed from one to ten and contains the links to each resource.
-Here is a link to her personal website which is also very useful: Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
-The next session I attended was called Top Ten Tools of Web 2.0 by Susan Roustan. This link contains the powerpoint that she presented at the conference.
-The second morning session I attended was called Creating an Educational Social Network for your Classroom. I learned how to use ning to create a network for a classroom. One cool feature is that you can make it private so that only you and your students are part of the network. Also, when you use it for educational purposes you can contact ning and they will remove the ads!
-The afternoon workshop that I attended was Storytelling in the Digital Age: Creativity for the classroom. I learned how to use photo story 3 to create a digital story using pictures, music and narrative. Photo story 3 only works with pcs..the mac equivalent is imovie.

*Hope that you all find these links useful. If you have any questions about the sites or the conference in general, let me know! - Amanda Carlisi