Below is the information you need specific to participation in our class wikispace. Wikispaces help page is also super helpful and easy:

Wikispaces are different from websites in two special ways. Namely, other than viewing info, on a wikispace, members have the capacity to:
1) edit
2) collaborate (through discussion and creation of the page)

Membership and Rights

On our wikispace, everyone that is a member can do both. People who are not members (i.e. the general public) CAN VIEW and discuss but not edit or collaborate. It is extremely important to remember that, like everything when we are teaching is public, WHAT GOES ON THE WIKI IS PUBLIC. Proceed thoughtfully, therefore, and employ the PROFESSIONAL CRITERIA of Teacher Education at MSU in your wikispace participation! When you are at all unsure of yourself, use Angel, and invite your peers to provide feedback BEFORE you post on the wiki.

To play ☺ , members must BE INVITED and ACCEPT THE INVITATION. All changes to the wiki are archived on the “History” tab.

To participate in a discussion:

1) go the page you want to discuss
2) click on the “Discussion” tab, and “Post” your response.

In order to edit a wikispace...

the user must be on the page they want to edit and click on “Edit this page”. When the edit toolbar comes up, you can:
1) “Insert an Image” (Palmtree icon)
2) “Create a Link” (Planet with a closed link icon)
3) “Remove a Link” (Planet with an open/broken link icon)
4) Use the typical font adjustments for any written text.

For now, you probably won’t need to know or use the other icons on the Editor toolbar.

IMPORTANT: For now, please DO NOT make a “New Page”. Instructors will "INSERT LINK" to a new page until everyone knows the creating for naming new pages. You can link to external links (any other URL), but it would keep things nice and tidy for now if you do not make new pages. If you really need new pages, you can discuss your needs with your instructor, and they can create the appropriate place for your request.
Let’s see how this works, and adjust things as we go…Basically, we’re navigating the constraints of the wikispace infrastructure, and we need a chance to communicate naming conventions with everyone.

Signing your posts and edits

This is really important! Much like turning in homework with your name on it, WIKI POSTS AND EDITS NEED TO BE SIGNED! This is simple, every time you post to the “Discussion” tab or edits, you should SIGN your name by typing a triple tilde...that's the squiggly line usually in the upper left of your keyboard. When you hit “save”, you will see your wiki pseudonym appear. Mine looks like this after I save it: - zachakel zachakel

Naming Conventions

Consider employing a pseudonym for your wiki participation.

Equally important, follow agreed upon Discussion labels so that your postings can be easily identified. Maybe:
1) use your pseudonym (let’s say mine is “km”);
2) use your section code (section 1 = “S1”);
3) use a discussion/assignment code (like Unit 1 = “U1” or “D1” for Discussion 1)

The SUBJECT LINE in your post would read: KMS1D1 or KMS1U1…keep it short and simple. My discussion post for Unit 2 would then be something like: KMS1D2 or KMS1D2. Only the end changes, depending on the assignment!