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Poetry 180

Lesson 1

Adjective/ Adverb PowerPoint:

Adjective/Adverb homework assignment:

Adjective/Adverb Lesson Plan:

Independent Clause Lesson Plan

Capitalization Lesson Plan

Homophones - Two, To and Too Lesson plan:

Journalism: Introduction to News Story Leads
Jeremy Whiting

Sarah Menger-Prepositions PwrPt:

Lesson Plan:

Hannah Nagi
Parts of Speech Lesson Plans

The MadLib

Sheila's Lesson Plan (similes and metaphors):

Sheila's PowerPoint:

Sheila's Worksheet:

Joe's Lesson Plan

Jesse's Lesson Plan:

Jesse's Handout w/ Lesson 1:

Eric's Lesson Stuff-

outline for lesson plan:

Lesson 2

Hannah's Poetry Lesson & Power Point

Heather's Poetry Lesson

Joe's Poetry Lesson

Laura's Poetry Lesson

Erica's Poetry Lesson

Eric's poetry stuff:
the powerpoint:

the worksheet:

the lesson plan:

Journalism: The Inverted Pyramid
Jeremy Whiting

Jesse McLean - Journalism: Headlines

Katie's Music and Poetry lesson

Emily's Frost Poetry Lesson

Sarah Menger--Haiku

Lesson 3
Drama group one--Sarah, Erica, Heather, Sheila, Laura, Katie