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Unit 4 at a glance...

Unit 4 – Engaging Adolescent Learners and Multi-genre Projects


Gere - Reading Kids
Discussion Leaders: Coleman and Bunka

Practice and perform tableaux

For Monday, read Burke, Chapter 14 and bring completed Assessment Assignment. See email for further details on number of copies, etc. We will workshop these in class.

Week 12


Announcements: Teaching Notebook Showcase, 11/17

Burke - Chapter 14: Integrating English Projects and Exhibitions
Discussion Leaders: Parr and Terry

You will self-assess (according to own rubric)
Peers will assess (according to your rubric)
DUE: Assessment Assignment Due


Post by Friday at 5 pm, Revised SGI Proposals and Bibs

Week 13


Kelly Hodges' visit
Gonzales et al - Funds of Knowledge
Discussion Leaders: Kenney and Menger


Burke - Chapter 16: Success for All: Teaching Students with Special Needs
Discussion Leaders: Engel and Homant

Burke - Chapter 18: Thoughts on Culture, Race, and Language
Discussion Leaders: Krolikowski, Mamassian, Harkness

Week 14



Stairs - Culturally Responsive Teaching
Discussion Leaders: Stupica and Thompson
Due: Teaching Notebook Artifact 3 Showcase

FOR FINAL EXAMS: You have engaged in many types of assessment (as a student, a peer, a teacher) this semester. As you put the finishing touches on your final exam presentation, consider what kind of feedback/assessment you would like from your peers and I before, during, and after your presentation. Options include:
  • Asking the class to read your lesson plan before the lesson, providing commentary in the margins during and after your lesson. How might this plan talk back to what occurred during the lesson, and vice versa.
  • Create a rubric for your classmates and I to complete during/after the presentation. What objectives/criteria did you set out to accomplish, and how might a rubric reflect those?
  • Lead a debriefing conversation, much like those we've done with the LAD assignment. Consider asking the questions BEFORE the lesson so that the audience can participate with specific foci in mind. How might the ways the audience would answer your question or two evolve over the course of the lesson.
  • You could have the group role play a specific audience type, then providing feedback from these diverse perspectives. Consider carefully who you planned this presentation for (Audience), what your purpose would be for any particular role play (Purpose), and how the ways in which you ask the audience to participate enriches the issues/content you are presenting (Form). What different sets of eyes might be helpful for you to see your lesson through?
  • Given the creativity I'm seeing in your Assessment Assignments, you probably have a gazillion other terrific ideas for self-assessment during your SGI presentation! Go with whatever makes pedagogical sense, given your planned workshop.

No need to turn in a proposal. I'd be happy to field ideas/feedback, if you'd like some input in planning your self-assessment (group or individual).

Each group has 15 minutes of debriefing time. I'd like some of this to be reserved for general, non-prestructured feedback, so as you plan for your self-assessment/feedback, consider what might 1) jumpstart the convo, 2) be something you could take home with you to reflect on later, 3) frame the conversation broadly while still providing for other aspects of your lesson to come up in the debriefing discussion. Your self-assessment/feedback process need not/should not take up the entire 15 minutes of debriefing. It's just one part. If your questions lead to an extended conversation, that's fine too. HAve fun, and be creative! (wow. if i could count the number of times i read that over the last weekend! ;)


No class
Small Inquiry Group Workshop: Each small inquiry groups plans separate group work time.


Week 15


DUE: Small group inquiry presentations
10:30-11:00 Linguistic Diversity
11-11:15 Debrief
11:15-11:45 TESOL/International Education
11:45-12 Debrief


DUE: Small group inquiry presentations
10:30-11:00 Diverse Young Adult Literature
11-11:15 Debrief
11:15-11:45 Modes for Teaching Diverse Texts
11:45-12 Debrief

Week 16

12/10, 10 am-12 pm

Final Exam

DUE: Small group inquiry presentations
10:15-10:45 Journalism/English
10:45-11:00 Debrief
11:00-11:30 NCLB
11:30-11:45 Debrief
11:45-12 SIRS/Evals