Weeks at a glance...

Unit 1 at a glance...

Monday, 8/25

Due for class:

Why Teach English?

To Do:

Welcome, Introductions, Breakfast/Breakfast SIGN-UP, People to People and Meet and Greet (for meeting new people and mixing up teams)
Why Teach English? and Reflection (TURN-IN)
  • Why do you want to teach English?
  • What does it mean to teach English?
Work in small groups on concept maps
Syllabus - Highlights and Questions
Wiki Intro - Accept invite; Creating an account and Pseudonyms (professional communication and privacy)...Professionalism
Confirm email contact from me (instructor)


Read Yagelski and Burke; revisit Why Teach English? if necessary
Come prepared to update (based on reading and thinking) and present Concept Maps
Any unfinished "What is English?" Reflections


Journal 1 (in class)

Take 10 minutes (and the next few days) to write about how you answer the questions:
"Why Teach English?"
"What does it mean to teach English?"
Use the article "Why Teach English"? to the extent that it is useful to you. DO NOT regurgitate what the article said. I want to know what you think in response to these questions.

Due: Wednesday, 8/27, hard or electronic copy

Concept Map (in class)

Consider English as a subject matter in the 21st century. Why Teach English? What IS English? What isn’t it? What is central? What is less important? What should be included? What do people often forget or neglect?

Collaborate with a small group to visually represent those “things” (skills, genres, texts, dispositions, categories, areas) that fall under the umbrella of English/Language Arts curriculum. This includes Journalism, composition courses, etc...anything engaging the English Language Arts. Use a web (or some other graphic representation) to communicate your priorities for what is most important for students to learn.

Wednesday, 8/27:

To Do:

Discuss readings
Update/Finish Concept Maps in groups
Gallery Walk and Debrief (Introduce Wiki discussion prompt)
Writing Around the Circle Activity

Introduce Curricular Map Assignment
Syllabus questions
Wiki Workshop: How To...edit/update People Page; Discussion Tab


Update your profile on People
Discuss Concept Map and Gallery Walk experience - Wiki post DUE Friday, 8/29 by 5 pm (see highlighted assignment description below)
Read Burke
Begin thinking about/planning for your Curricular Map

Homework for 8/27...DUE Friday, 8/29 by 5 pm

Concept Map/Gallery Walk Discussion

Directions for Discussion:
Above, click on the "Discussion Tab".
Title the Subject Line with your wiki name... mine is "zachakel"), S1 (section 1), D1 (discussion 1)...for example, "zachakelS1D1".
Respond to the discussion prompt directions below.
Click "Post" when finished.

To Discuss:
Read at least two other discussion posts.
Incorporating these into your own reflections, discuss how the readings, our in-class reflections, and the concept map activity (including the gallery walk) are informing how you think about what it means to teach English/Journalism. Questions you might consider include:

In what ways did your peers and the activities push your thinking?
What kinds of patterns did you notice across our responses?
What considerations for teaching English were consistently missing?
What are the possible consequences for what we include/don't include in our thinking about teaching English/Journalism?
What might students think about our choices?
What role do students play in our curricular and instructional choices?

There are many, many more...demonstrate that you are engaging thoughtfully in our work together and taking the issues seriously.

Curricular Map and Reflection Assignment Description

external image rtf.png Curricular Map and Reflection.rtf

Week 2

Monday, 9/1


Wednesday, 9/3

Due in class:

Burke - Chapter 2: Thinking about Teaching and Learning

To Do:

Lab begins today
Return two reflections
4 Components of Effective Teaching and Learning from Burke
Artifact stations - 8 stations
Whole Class Discussion and Wiki reflection
Introduce the idea of the Small Group Inquiry Project
Trudy visits @ 9:20/11:45 am


Post wiki reflection by Friday at 5 pm:
To Discuss:
Read at least two other discussion posts.
In demonstrating that you are participating in a discussion with your classmates, How do these artifacts challenge, support, inform our thinking about what it means to teach Journalism/English/Other? Feel free to address Burke's chapter and/or any of the questions below.
Burke - Chapter 12: Digital Literacy: Technology in English Class
Small group inquiry (ongoing)
Curricular map (ongoing)

Artifact Stations

  • What is the form? Who is the audience? What is the purpose?
  • Which artifacts did your group choose, and why?
  • What philosophy do these artifacts communicate, explicitly and implicitly, about what it means to teach English?
  • Questions you could ask include: i wonder who wrote this? why is this important to them? what consequences might this have for students? what does this say to you as a future english teacher? how does this artifact with the others you've seen? what types of artifacts are you surprised not to see here? to what use could you put this artifact? why are these artifacts to your profession? what can this tell us about what it means to teach english? what is the agenda of this document/ does it have one? how might this artifact reconcile with your beliefs about teaching? if a principal asked you to incorporate this into your teaching, how would you do it? who made the decisions around this document? what do you think about these decisions?
  • How does this/do these artifacts speak to and with the other artifacts (readings, activities, postings, discussions, etc.) we've interacted with in this course so far?

Station 1
Michigan Department of Education (click on the High School English Language Arts Content Expectations pdf)

Station 2
New York Times article

Station 3
Did You Know 2.0

Station 4
NCLB Homepage

Station 5
Charter Schools - Read the "About Us" sections or the "Mission Statements"
The Leelanau School
Phillips Exeter Academy
Countryside Academy
Community High School

Station 6

Station 7
Jonathan Kozol is fasting

Station 8
Margaret Spellings
Secretary Spellings Delivers Keynote Address at National Education Reform Summit

Station 9
Trailer for Freedom Writers andNice White Lady

Station 10
a simpsons clip that satirizes/critiques schooling
watch from 5:07 to 6:38

Station 11
Images of early American schools

Station 12
Mark Twain quote: "I never let schooling get in the way of my education."

Artifact 13
Burke's Chapter 2

Small Group Inquiry Project

Teaching Notebook Assignment Description

Leading a Discussion Assignment Description

Random assignments for Discussion Leaders:
Week 5
9/22 Whiting and Purcell
9/24 Shea Johnson and Rachel Armock

Week 6
10/1 Lyndsey Ferguson and Emily Mullins

Week 7
10/6 Amanda Carlisi and Jesse McLean

Week 8
10/13 Jessica Lund and Joe Tekelly

Week 9
10/20 Erica Saidoo and Hannah Nagi

Week 10
10/27 Eric Salzeider and Katie Hedrick

Week 11
11/5 Stacy Coleman and Alexis Bunka

Week 12
11/10 Heather Parr and Sheila Terry

Week 13
11/17 Rachel Kenney and Sarah Menger
Ch. 16 Cathy Engel and Heather Homant
Ch. 18 Amanda Krolowski and Laura Mamassian

Week 14
11/24 Sandi Stupica and Zach Thompson
11/26 Caitlin Kelly and Jen Harkness

Week 3

Burke - Chapter 12: Digital Literacy: Technology in English Class

To do:
We're videotaping beginning today!!!
Updated Syllabus
Sheila - uploading pix!
Assignment description conversation
  1. Leading a Discussion
    1. Form=Audience+Purpose (Form? = Diverse Learners + Purpose?)
    2. each group can follow-up with me individually
    3. lab overlap (activity-wise)
    4. proposal...feedback
  2. Teaching Notebook
    1. artifacts/materials/thoughts/work you already have...just start organizing it! (Form? = Diverse Learners + Purpose?)
    2. first due date
    3. potential organizing frameworks
    4. potential small group inquiry focus?
  3. Small Group Inquiry
    1. start collecting ideas (curricular map assignment, teaching notebook, leading a discussion, nagging question/interest, DIVERSE LEARNERS, mode of instruction, the list goes on!!! experiment!!!)

Burke: Digital Literacy Discussion and prep for Teaching Notebook
  • Individual writing/Socratic Seminar Prep:
    • What's the relationship between our Instructional Choices and Diverse Learners (Form = Audience + Purpose)? Who are "diverse learners"? What are the instructional choices available to us? What does all of these mean for our Teaching Notebooks? What are some forms for organizing our thoughts, work, and ideas in our Teaching Notebook that would lend to/support our planning and work with diverse learners?
    • Reflect on these kinds of questions, and develop 2 or 3 specific questions for your peers.
    • TE407 1 Socratic Seminar Google Doc http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=d5df4np_20f95ms7g8

Curricular Map & Reflection
Burke, Chapter 13
Start jotting ideas down for the Teaching Notebook, Small Group Inquiry, Leading a Discussion...we will have workshop time in class next week to work on all of these.


Curriculum Map & Reflection
Burke, Chapter 13